Final Information

You’ve reached the end!  Cheer for yourself and a semester spent learning something new and being creative.  The zines are going to be great – and we will have fun sharing them with each other on Tuesday, May 21st at 4:30pm.

If you haven’t turned something in – please do so – I will be wrapping up grading tomorrow night, and don’t want to miss anything you might have completed over the weekend.  I strongly urge you to visit the Read/Watch/Write category on the blog and figure out what you’re missing if you haven’t done those.  Any projects that you need to submit to the Student Dropbox – do it!

There is extra credit – if you need it – check it out on the blog for more information.

When you arrive for the final on Tuesday – be prepared with 20 signed, numbered, and folded copies of your zine.  We will be exchanging sets with the class, so everyone gets a complete class set.  And the extras will belong to me, the library, and you.  Yay!

Please submit a copy of the .ai file AND as a.pdf to the Student Dropbox when you arrive for class.

Thanks for a great semester!  See you and your fabulous work tomorrow!

Week 17 Reminders!

You’ve nearly made it to the finish line!  This week is the last lab week and you’ll be working towards finishing your zine for the final project. The earlier you’re ready to print out your final proof, the better.

I strongly suggest being done by Thursday so you can print out your project here in 7138 and get to folding. You’ll be responsible for printing out the final draft on the color laser printer, trimming them down, and folding them up.  You will be responsible for having an edition of 20 completed (printed, trimmed, folded, signed, numbered) by our final exam meeting time.

Sketchbooks are due on Thursday, May 16th and need to have 12 images.

If you have other assignments that you’d like an additional copy (or 3…) of, please take time this week to print those out for yourself.  Also, take time to gather your files and documents that might be on each of the classroom workstations and take those home. The workstations will be erased as soon as finals week is over.

Just to reiterate: the final project and any additional late/missing/etc. work will be due (as in finished, printed, ready to share with the class, d-o-n-e) on our final meeting day: Tuesday, May 21 at 4:30 p.m.


Extra, Extra!

Extra Credit Opportunities

I would like to offer you all the opportunity to earn extra credit! You may complete up to 40 points of extra credit total, and each well written response is worth UP TO 20 points.

DUE DATE: Any and all extra credit is due submitted to the Student Dropbox no later than Tuesday, May 21 at 12 noon. No Exceptions.

Gallery/Museum Exhibitions

» Attend any of the exhibitions* below.
» Write a 1-page typed and double-spaced response.  Save as a PDF and submit to the Student Dropbox.
» Discuss the work exhibited. Describe its structure and content (what is the subject, the type of art piece, how is the work displayed, framed, hung etc.?).
» Include titles and descriptions of a minimum of 3 works.
» Read the exhibition press release and/or press available at the front counter to aide you.
» Discuss the artist’s intents and your associated thoughts and opinions of the work.

*specifically the separate exhibitions listed below at each location – ask if you are confused, and do a little research before you get there!

SLO Art Museum

11am – 5pm every day except Tuesday
1010 Broad Street (on the west end of the Mission Plaza)
San Luis Obispo

Brushstrokes 2013 Dec 7 – Dec 31

Coast to Carrizo: Aerial Photographs of San Luis Obispo County by Bill Dewey

 Mayday! May Day!

Studios on the Park

Thursday 12 pm – 6 pm
Friday 12 pm – 9 pm
Saturday 12 pm – 9 pm
Sunday 12 pm – 6 pm

1130 Pine Street
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Art of the Digital Environment

Week 16 Reminders!

Tuesday, May 7th will be a lab day – you’ll have time to work on your zine for Exploration 8 – “Fold, Staple, Share“.  We will have an in-process critique of the zine you’ve been working on at 7:30pm, so plan on coming to class and staying the entire time so you can receive feedback and have a chance to look at what you’ve made so far.

Thursday, May 10th will be a lab day.  Taking the feedback you received on Tuesday, you’ll continue to create material and work on your zine (remember, original drawings and original body copy – refer to the handout if you’ve got questions about it).

As a reminder, this is the final project. It is weighted accordingly. I have an expectation that you will work on this in class and that it will take quite a bit of your time.  If the effort isn’t there in the final piece, I will know and you will be graded accordingly.  I know you’re each capable of making something great!  See you in class!

Read This! Regarding Grading! No, Seriously.


I am here at Cuesta trying to grade your work, and a large number of students have not turned in their assignments to the Student Dropbox.

Honestly, I have become tired of chasing individuals around regarding turning in their assignments in both physical and digital formats, which is why I’ve decided to post this here.  If you did an assignment, and I don’t have it in both formats, I will not grade it.

It is your responsibility to LOOK in the Student Dropbox folder to SEE if you have each and every file that should be there.  It is also your responsibility to give me a physical copy of the document after every critique.  If you don’t know what assignments I’m talking about, you can look here on the blog for the handouts to re-familiarize yourself with what you’ve done this semester thus far.

Please look into this on Tuesday so I can get your work graded.  Thank you.

P.S. Could you get away with just not handing over your English paper or math quiz? I think not.

P.P.S. If the above statements do not apply to you: thank you.  Thank you for doing what you should’ve been doing all along.


Week 15 Reminders!

Tuesday, April 30th, sketchbooks will be due. You’ll need 20 images this time; numbered, titled, dated, location found. That means you will have finished assembling your sketchbook before getting to class!

After dropping off the sketchbooks in 7138, will be departing for a field trip to the Cuesta library at 5:40pm sharp, and your attendance is required. You will be required to check out a library book, get a library card if you don’t already have one, and participate in the presentation from the librarian and complete a group assignment.

Thursday, May 2nd, we will be discussing our finalized ideas for the zine project and getting to work on the setup for our folded book template, and starting working! Plan on being in class with your checked out library book and sketches!

Read/Write/Watch – Zines Are Not Blogs

Due 11:59pm, Tuesday, April 30th

Please read and respond as a comment to this post by the above due date/time and according to the instructions below.

Each Read/Write/Watch posting is worth 20 points, if it is posted on time and meets the criteria. Late responses will be worth half credit.

Zines Are Not Blogs: A Not Unbiased Analysis by Jenna Freedman

Read the entire post located at


You will need to:
» answer the question: How did this article enlighten you in regards to zines?
» create a comment in your reply about something you discovered, that interested you, that was unexpected, that startled you, etc.
» post the response under the correct week/chapter
» remember to “sign” your post with your name in the comment field, to make sure I’m able to give you credit for posting


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